Reunion Weekend - June 9-13, 2021 

Registration for Virtual Reunion 2021 is now open!  We can’t wait to "see" you and celebrate you June 9-13.  All are welcome to attend, and there will be special events honoring the milestone Reunion classes of the 1s and 6s.  The Reunion program this year is jam-packed with activities including alumnae panels, a trivia night, and guest speakers.  And, we have planned a special keynote event with former NASA astronaut, engineer, and physician, Dr. Mae Jemison!  Once you register, please continue to check back for updates to the agenda!

Bree Anderson Ide '94 | Life Science Exhibits



Wednesday, June 9, 2021

6:30pm - 7:30pm EST

Class Reunion Zoom | Class of 2016

7:00pm - 9:00pm EST

Class Reunion Zoom | Class of 1976

7:30pm - 9:30pm EST

Class Reunion Zoom | Class of 2011

Thursday, June 10, 2021

6:30pm - 7:30pm EST

Reunion Kickoff: In Conversation with Dr. Mae Jemison

Dr. Mae Jemison
Dr. Molly Mulligan ‘01 
Jenny Rao | Head of School

Join Head of School Jenny Rao as she blasts off with former astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison in a conversation about overcoming obstacles, breaking barriers, and reaching for the stars.  The conversation will be followed by a Q&A moderated by our very own, Molly Mulligan ‘01.

7:00pm EST

Class Reunion Zoom | Class of 1986

7:45pm EST

Class Reunion Zoom | Class of 2005

Friday, June 11, 2021

4:00pm - 4:45pm EST

The History of Troy with Bob Naeher PhD, Newell Instructor in Humanities

Dr. Bob Naeher

Did you know Emma Willard School is celebrating its 200-year anniversary in Troy, NY?  Join Dr. Bob Naeher, Newell Instructor in Humanities for a lively discussion about the history of the “Collar City” and why Madame Willard decided to bring her school to Mount Ida.

5:00pm - 6:00pm EST

A Paint and Sip with Lindsay Slaughter, Instructor of Visual Arts

Lindsay Slaughter

Release your inner Picasso and join Lindsay Slaughter, Instructor of Visual Arts, for a guided paint & sip.

6:00pm - 7:00pm EST

50th Reunion Toast with Jenny Rao

Jenny Rao | Head of School

Calling all members of the class of 1971, please join Jenny Rao Head of School for a celebratory toast in honor of your milestone reunion!

6:30pm - 7:30pm EST

50th +1 Celebration for the Class of 1970

Jenny Rao | Head of School

Calling all members of the class of 1970, please join Jenny Rao Head of School for a celebratory toast in honor of your milestone reunion.

7:30pm - 8:45pm EST

Trivia hosted by former Jeopardy! Contestants, Amelia Hershberger ‘01 and Leah Friedman ‘02

Amelia Hershberger ‘01
Leah Friedman ‘02

It is time to exercise your brainpower at Trivia Night! Join hosts Amelia Hershberger ‘01 and Leah Friedman ‘02 for a friendly game of trivia!

9:00pm - 10:00pm EST

Class Reunion Zoom | Class of 2001

Saturday, June 12, 2021

9:00am - 9:45am EST

Morning Yoga

Nancy Buttenheim ‘70 

Saturday’s class will include Megha’s yoga-qigong flow, along with moving meditation and relaxation.

10:00am - 11:15am EST

Baking with Cynthia Barcomi ‘81

Cynthia Barcomi ‘81

Join world renowned baker, Cynthia Barcomi ‘81 as she leads us through creating two delectable creations. Click here for the list of ingredients you will need.

Click Here to Download Recipes

10:15am - 11:15am EST

Class Reunion Zoom | Class of 2000

11:30am - 1:00pm EST

After COVID19: Reshaping Public Health


Chudney Sykes ‘96


Jennifer Kealy ‘81

Dr. Umbereen Nehal ‘94
Dr. Yen Duong Pottinger ‘97
Patrice Savery ‘80

Join alumnae leaders for a current, in-depth discussion about how COVID-19 will reshape the future of public health.

1:15pm - 2:15pm EST

Sierra Crane Murdoch ‘05 Presents Yellow Bird

Sierra Crane Murdoch ‘05


Leslie Coffey ‘00

Join Sierra Crane Murdoch ‘05 in discussing her book Yellow Bird. A gripping true story of a murder on a Native American reservation and the unforgettable Arikara woman that becomes obsessed with solving it.

 2:00pm - 2:45pm EST

A Lifelong Quest: From Science Nerd at Emma to Stone Master in NYC

Dr. Jyoti Srivastava ‘77

Dr. Jyoti Srivastava ‘77 used her time during the pandemic lockdown in 2020 to turn her artistic passion into an ongoing project. Join her as she talks about the journey from healthcare to establishing a handcrafted jewelry line, Daisy and Zarafa.

3:00pm - 4:00pm EST

State of the School & Alumnae Recognition Awards

It is with great joy that we announce this year’s Alumnae Recognition Award honorees:

Distinguished Alumna:

Jennifer Kealy ‘81

Distinguished Young Alumna:

Natasha Kermani ‘06

Career Acheivement:

Dr. Estella Jones ‘76

Humanitarian & Global Service Award:

Joshunda Sanders ‘96

Service to Emma Willard:

Carolyn Busch Foster ‘71

Valerie Phillips Parsegian ‘61

Come and toast our exceptional award recipients celebrating a reunion at the Alumnae Recognition Awards.

6:00pm EST

Class Reunion Zoom | Class of 1980

Sunday, June 13, 2021

10:00am - 10:45am EST

Morning Yoga

Nancy Buttenheim ‘70

Sunday’s practice focuses on the Earth, introducing Megha's Moon Salutation, a moving yoga sequence.
All levels welcome.

11:00am - 11:45am EST

AAC Annual Meeting

Come learn about the Alumnae Association Council and vote on the upcoming new member slate!

AAC Slate Voting Form

12:00pm - 1:00pm EST

The Closing Ceremony with the Alumnae Choir

Welcoming and Closing Remarks:

Jenny Rao | Head of School

Poetry Reading:

Page Hill Starzinger ‘76

Offering the Meditation:

Stephanie Chase Bradbury ‘81

Poetry Reading:

Keven Ryan Bellows ‘55

Close out Reunion 2021 by listening to the alumnae choir, honor and remember the classmates no longer with us, hear beautiful poetry and be inspired by the meditation.

 2:00pm - 4:00pm EST

Class Reunion Zoom | Class of 1981

First 100 Alumnae to Register Receive a Signed Copy! 


Yellow Bird




The gripping true story of a murder on an Indian reservation, and the unforgettable Arikara woman who becomes obsessed with solving it—an urgent work of literary journalism.

“I don’t know a more complicated, original protagonist in literature than Lissa Yellow Bird, or a more dogged reporter in American journalism than Sierra Crane Murdoch.”—William Finnegan, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Barbarian Days


When Lissa Yellow Bird was released from prison in 2009, she found her home, the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in North Dakota, transformed by the Bakken oil boom. In her absence, the landscape had been altered beyond recognition, her tribal government swayed by corporate interests, and her community burdened by a surge in violence and addiction. Three years later, when Lissa learned that a young white oil worker, Kristopher “KC” Clarke, had disappeared from his reservation worksite, she became particularly concerned. No one knew where Clarke had gone, and few people were actively looking for him.

Yellow Bird traces Lissa’s steps as she obsessively hunts for clues to Clarke’s disappearance. She navigates two worlds—that of her own tribe, changed by its newfound wealth, and that of the non-Native oilmen, down on their luck, who have come to find work on the heels of the economic recession. Her pursuit of Clarke is also a pursuit of redemption, as Lissa atones for her own crimes and reckons with generations of trauma. Yellow Bird is an exquisitely written, masterfully reported story about a search for justice and a remarkable portrait of a complex woman who is smart, funny, eloquent, compassionate, and—when it serves her cause—manipulative. Drawing on eight years of immersive investigation, Sierra Crane Murdoch has produced a profound examination of the legacy of systematic violence inflicted on a tribal nation and a tale of extraordinary healing.

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Bree Anderson Ide '94 | Life Science Exhibits